The Role of Human Resources and Executives in the Employees’ World

by | Sep 19, 2012 | Articles | 0 comments


This is a time of tremendous change — a period of confusion.  We need to be comfortable with struggle.  The best way for your organization to survive is to develop a consistent and actionable approach.

As Covey puts it, “Begin with the end in mind.”  When you know what you are building, you can better determine the next best steps to achieve your goals.

Executives’ mindset influences their ability to grow on the job and to develop successful teams.  Executives should keep in mind the hallmarks of a growth mindset.  In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting.  You are focused on the process that you engage in to bring about success.

Great executives are hardworking and spirited.  They inspire employees both in good times and bad.  They help people weather failure and instill optimism that success is just around the corner.  They believe in their people and their shared purpose.  Great executives also have a sense of urgency.

Executives should also only praise the effort, the strategies and the persistence, not the talent.

Human resources personnel have a big role in the organization’s success.  When they recruit and select people, they should value passion, dedication, growth and learning.  Their expectations of the candidate or applicant should revolve around the ideas that:

–          They have arrived in the organization to learn.

–          They will stretch beyond their comfort zones.

Human Resources and Executives therefore should empower their people to be motivated to grow their brains — by being passionate about something, by learning new things, by welcoming things that are hard.