The Relationship Between Internal Communication & Corporate Culture

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Articles | 0 comments


Business leaders should put a premium about communication practices.  When we talk about communication, we cannot help but touch the aspect of “corporate culture”.  According to the Corporate Communication Institute, “Culture is vital to organizational health.”

Internal Communications is a key to the success of any business.  Internal communication must allow for two way flow of information.  Businesses would want employees to be ambassadors for the organization so providing employees with good information will help them do their jobs confidently.

A key issue of Internal/ Employee Communications is Corporate Culture.  Corporate Culture provides the context within which business is done.  It embraces the values of the business which in turn will determine how employees feel.

A strategy that can be done by businesses is having strong two-way internal communications which ensure a well-informed and involved workforce and a management team who are in touch with staff and their concerns.

Key Principles can be the following:

•             Effective communication is essential to the way employees work, encouraging a positive “can-    do” culture in the way businesses provide services.

•             Everyone should be well informed about issues which affect the company and impact upon them as employees.

•             Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to the development of policies, practices and procedures which help improve the quality of services a company provides.

•             All employees are valued as ambassadors for the company.

•             Staff will be supported by training in effective communication.