The Manager in a Multinational Environment

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Articles | 0 comments


At present, multinational corporations seek manager-candidates that not only possess knowledge and technical skills, but also the right attitude, conduct, professionalism, ability to handle work under stress as well as to work in teams and collaborate with diverse groups of people.

The new management approach focuses on establishing a new communication system that features a high level of employee involvement.  Management values are changing, and managers must now have a vision and be able to communicate the vision to everyone in the firm.

The following characteristics are needed for a manager to survive the multinational environment:

  • Mastery of a Second Language

Speaking, reading and writing a second language add depth and credibility, particularly is the candidate is fluent in the tongue’s idioms.

  • Mastery of the Job

Beyond the ability to troubleshoot, analyze, resolve and settle technical and managerial issues, the manager should know that his company’s credibility can be compromised if he can’t prove himself on innumerable levels.  A manager for a multinational corporation should possess a depth of experience running projects, tasks, campaigns and programs, and solid management skills.

  • Respect of Cultures

A multinational manager is most effective when he respects and understands different cultures.  Prioritizing cultural sensitivity will build mutual respect and improve communication and your reputation as a multinational manager.

  • Support for Corporate Mission

To achieve the goals and objectives with multinational corporations’ many roles (i.e., exporting, importing, licensing, joint venture start-ups, global partnerships), managers should be fully invested in the corporation’s mission and committed to furthering the firm’s goals.  An important characteristic of a multinational manager is the desire to maintain strong ties to corporate headquarters, regardless of where you’re located.