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Becky Willis

Becky Willis

Becky Willis’ mix of learning and business leadership brings a unique perspective and depth to modern learning strategy consulting. Today, her focus is on digital learning implementation and ecosystems in enterprises. With over 20 years in learning and six in modern learning, Becky has selected, implemented and promoted digital learning in multiple companies, verticals and geographies.

As a result, she understands learning design, strategy, implementation and engagement from both the customer, vendor and consulting perspective.

Today, Becky is one of the founders of WillLearn Consulting, a boutique consulting firm and an advisor to StandingOut Winning in the Work World. Previously, she was the VP of Engagement at EdCast and led Learning Innovation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as well as other leadership positions in HR, Sales and Marketing. She lives near Las Vegas.



Pang Hee Hon is a Managing Director at Veritas Global Healthcare Pte Ltd.

Graduated with Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce, University of Birmingham, and Masters in Public Administration, Harvard University.

BG (Ret) Pang Hee Hon is the Managing Director of Veritas Global Healthcare Pte Ltd since 1 Jul 2014. Veritas is a startup B2C platform for healthcare products and services. Veritas delivers quality and competitively priced products to meet the growing healthcare needs of consumers globally.

Prior to this, BG (Ret) Pang was the Chief Executive Officer of Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (KTT) from 4 Jan 2010 to 30 Jun 2014. KTT’s core businesses were in providing datacenter colocation services and 3rd party logistics services. In addition, KTT has a portfolio of investments in related businesses. Hee Hon is responsible for steering the company’s overall growth and operations. During his tenure, KTT market capitalization grew from about $650m to nearly $1bn.

BG (Ret) Pang spent 5 years in ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) as Deputy President (Operations) from Jan 2005 to Nov 2009. He oversaw business operations in bidding and deploying IT solutions for customers in both the public and private sectors. In addition, he was responsible for international marketing and spearheaded the company’s efforts in developing the overseas markets. Beyond the company’s responsibilities, he was the Chairman of the eGovernment Chapter in the Singapore IT Federation, which provided feedback on eGov policies and promoted internationalisation of local ICT companies.