Leaders as Dreamers

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“I have a dream…” — Martin Luther King Jr.

The above opening line of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech mirrored his confidence and strength of his dreams.

They say small dreams don’t happen, because from the very start, they’re not exciting enough. So they don’t even take off.  What matters most is the size of your dreams!

If there is a complete clarity of what is desired, then the realization of the dream is not far-fetched.

Therefore, leaders should dream big.  A Filipino-Chinese millionaire John Gokongwei is someone to be admired!  He started small but dreamt big. His dream was so powerful, it fueled his daily life. He worked hard to make his dreams come true.  Indeed, dreams lie where the heart is

A leader who dreams can show the world a different way of thinking by bringing new perspectives to life.  They see beyond the ordinary.

As a dreamer, “failing” is inevitable.  You can bet your life on that. Beginners will fail, period.

Leaders should focus on his or her dreams, and they will grow as big as their dreams!  But do not stop on dreaming.  Success demands dreaming and DOING!

Leader-dreamers have direction, have means of measuring their progress and know the joy of accomplishment.

Stephen Covey wrote: “Everything is created twice: First in the mind, second in reality.”  Visualization is based on the principle that all things are created twice: first mentally and then physically.