How to GET INTO a corporation, and when you’re IN THERE, HOW to SUCCEED!!!

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Stephen Krempl, the prior Chief Learning Officer of Starbucks will be training a full one day program on the Executive Mindset that is Required to Succeed in the Corporate World!

If you’re a college student looking for a career in the world of business, you need to understand the skills and expectations of the Fortune 500

Give yourself the opportunity to prepare for interviews and corporate success with information you will never be taught in any other classes.

Don’t take years to learn this information while you’re on the job! That would slow your career down! Sign up and you can begin to get ready for success NOW before you graduate from university!

Stephen Krempl has uniquely tailored this GEM program for university/college students!

Not restricted to only WSU students! Open to ALL!

When: Sunday, April 15th,2012
Where: Butch’s Den, Room No: L60 (lower level), The CUB (Compton Union Building), Washington State University campus, Pullman WA.
Time: 8.30am registration, 9.00am training begins – 5.00pm
Price: US$50

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For booking details and more information call/email:
Tel: +1 617 480 6897 (Krempl Communications International)



About your GEM trainer: Stephen Krempl

Stephen Krempl has worked with Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. These include Motorola , PepsiCo and YUM Brands (where he last served VP YUM University and Global Learning in Louisville, KY) and Starbucks where he was the Chief Learning Officer based in Seattle, WA. Singapore-born Stephen has trained and coached thousands of executives in U.S., Europe and Asia on organizational and behavioral change. His work has provided him the opportunity to work 30 countries across the globe.

Currently Stephen Krempl is Managing Consultant with Integrative Learning Consultant and CEO of Krempl Communications International based in Seattle, WA in the USA. He helps clients to work more effectively in and with MNC’s with a range of programs. This includes a series of classroom and coaching programs both for corporations and educational institutions.
He currently focuses on helping young managers and executives, university/college undergrads, who have already entered or intend on entering the corporate world. Teaching his students how to excel in western-cultured Multi National Corporations,by showing them how to climb that corporate ladder effectively in his classes. His passion also includes speaking, authoring books and writing articles.