How Do You Spell Success?

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Articles | 0 comments


Stephen Covey wrote, “Self-esteem and personal integrity — the foundation of all true success.” That is true.

Indeed, people won’t be successful if one uses manipulative tactics to get other people to do what one wants.  Character and competency are important if you want to be successful.   If you want to manage and lead people, you need to learn how to bring out the best in your people.

As we have always observed and based in our experiences, responsibilities come before we are ready for them.  Making mistakes is normal.  Through those mistakes we gain competency and confidence.  Also, success does not come cheap.  Natural ability is not enough.  Years of practice, patience and persistence should come with your ability.

A leader should also “care” about his chosen vocation.  Leaders who care become successful and their personalities are radiating!  These wonderful people are true role models.

A leader is a visionary.  And being a visionary should be seen in the company one manages — — through the marketing strategies, innovation, and the way he treats/ deals with the employees.  A visionary leader encourages his people to plan ahead of time, to learn more and be productive.  He sees to it that his employees are maximizing their potentials.

Lastly, believe in yourself, your capabilities.  Others won’t believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.  A strong, confident self-image will take you a long way in life.