Developing the Global Manager

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Articles | 0 comments


Globalization, the Information Age, the Knowledge Revolution — these are forces that contribute to turbulent times for business.

It seems that the problem in organizations is not based in finances alone.  Intellectual capital proves to be a scarce resource.  Managers at all levels therefore must be willing to undertake lifelong learning and behavior modification.

Managing means a willingness to learn and a commitment to growth and development.  If managers are not getting the development they require, the organization will be at risk of failure.

Becoming a manager requires a letting go of everything you have been doing in order to move into a role that requires you to help others do what you have been doing.  You have to think and do differently.  What can companies do to prepare their people?

  • Develop your manager as you develop your employees.  They need to learn the skills of management.
  • Invest in educating the manager.
  • Have a good mentoring program.  Fellow managers need to spend time with their peers.

Managers have a sense of personal leadership — doing what is right and good for individuals and the organization.  They now must have global competencies and knowledge.  They should be able to influence people from other cultures.  Managers must understand government and political issues in key areas.

No business strategy is good enough without strong leadership.  Developing leaders play a critical role in helping move a company to its desired destination.