Be An Influence

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Articles | 0 comments


Let us start with the most basic question of all: What is leadership? When asked about this, a lot of answers run inside our head and we want to come up with the best one.  Most of the time, what we do is, we rely on all the researches that we made just to come up with the best answer or rely on a sound advice from the people we admire most.  When we focus on the ABC’s of leadership and build our knowledge on other people’s not experiences nor lives up on the saying: leaders are born not made”, do you think you will become an effective leader?

Naturally, we do differ in terms on our potential for leadership.  But, potential can and should be developed.  Leadership is something that you work hard for where your skills will be honed and practiced naturally.  Your personality and character will blend with your knowledge and be as effective as you can be to build your credibility.  You are your own person.  You are your own style.  No book or famous persona can dictate on what kind of leadership style you should imply in your people.

Cold fish do not make good leaders.  Leadership involves your heart as well as your mind.  Loving what you are doing and caring for people are equally essential.  Lead by example.  Lead with integrity. Lead with compassion.

Be an influence.  Share your enthusiasm.  Show confidence.  Be fair.  Be humble because arrogance doesn’t have a place in becoming an efficient leader.  Your humility will produce great encouragement and willingness for your people to listen and get motivated.  Remember, there is a great distinction between good leaders and leaders for good.  In what category do you want to fall on, the former or the latter?

What you are is an important strand in your leadership.  Think about it.