Krempl Communications International

Krempl Communications International (KCI) is a team highly experienced professionals led by CEO, Stephen Krempl, who works hard to deliver new and unique programs to employees, managers, and executives, Our goal is to enable lasting change and development across corporate cultures. Whether it’s equipping executives with a Global Executive Mindset™ or designing, facilitating, and delivering a specific curriculum, KCI has the answers to your your organization’s needs. We work globally across many regions and have the corporate experience to relate to our participants.

“Stephen Krempl’s dynamic, upbeat tempo and message captured the attention of an audience of our senior leaders in a recent meeting in Houston.”

- Ray Vigil (CLO Humana Inc.)

In addition to the GEM curriculum, we also design, facilitate, and deliver custom training for our clients, including conducting off-site meetings for senior teams or entire functional organizations.

Krempl Communications has researched the issue of global readiness using a Global Executive Mindset™ and has designed programs and services that focus on the following areas:

  • What are Western leaders looking for from their Asian counterparts?
  • What strategies have other successful Asian leaders used to get ahead?
  • How can you learn to achieve results, communicate appropriately, and build relationships with business partners on a global scale?

No other global leadership program has used this unique type of research. It is a distinctive and breakthrough program that delivers immediate change, enabling your employees and executives to:

  • Better understand and recognize cultural inhibitions among Asians.
  • Know the desirable behaviors that are required in an MNC environment.
  • Learn how to build relationships and trust with various stakeholders across cultures.
  • Enhance communications skills to help you standout and show confidence.

In addition, KCI works with their affiliate company Integrative Learning Corporation headquartered in Singapore, where Stephen Krempl also serves as the CEO. Stephen brings value and experience to both KCI and Integrative Learning Corporation. Having lived and worked in 30+ countries, he has a style and perspective that is unique to him.